Thank You Donald Trump

You are a gift to every Late Show comedian in the world. As the best gifts are those that keep on giving – your presence in this race to the 2016 White House guarantees that every monologist – should he sense audience is cooling off – only need say “Donald Trump” and he will be rewarded with anything from a giggle to a guffaw.

You are the ex-parrot of the political sketch.

My only regret is that Will Rogers and Mark Twain are not alive. They would have made literary history of you.

The biggest drawback to your involvement is that you deliver the very best lines yourself. Your June 2015 campaign launch speech is impossible to parody. It is itself a parody of a parody.

Fortunately for the future of this country you are the Fat Lady of Rhetorical Buffoonery. After photosynthesis has scrubbed away its flatulent odor nothing will ever be as asinine and stupid as that babble.

Donald – if your phony real estate empire ever should collapse of its own bombastic weight – you have a future in falldown comedy – which is of course – the oposite of standup. .

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