Someone MUST Go To Jail Over This

I hate being lied to and I especially hate it when the government does the lying.

Let me be clear. I did not say I am surprised and I certainly am not shocked. I mean, just look in any dictionary and you’ll see that the words “liar” and “government official” share the same latin.greek/sanskrit root.

Anyone who is shocked that a bureaucrat would lie is the same person who would be outraged that a grizzly bear would be so impolite as to tear out a person’s liver or offended at the anti-social behavior of a Great White Shark who merely needs to eat to survive.

To those of you who believe that fraud called COLA (cost of living allowance) that supposedly indexes your Social Security or Veteran’s Pension to protect your income against the erosion of inflation, the above link exposes that fraud.

On that web site, in those pages, you will find the real data that shows what your food price increases really are. Look at just one set of typical numbers.

The cost of production per CWT (hundred-weight) of milk was 18.78 at the start of 2005.

That same figure, for the month ending July 25, 2014 is 24.89.

That’s an increase of more than 6.86, or approximately (my mental arithmetic is good enough for the point I am making) 35% in less than 9 years.

This is the cost of production for CWT, not the artificially propped-up price milk sells for at retail. But it is no less meaningful. This is the cost of all the things that a dairy farmer must put into the cows to make that CWT.

Only a government bureaucrat (“liar”) could look at those figures and claim that inflation is only up 5 or 6 percent over that 9 years, which is roughly  the amount that was added to SS monthly payments over that same period.



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