Right and Wrong at the same time

. .  but mostly wrong.

I had thought Weiner to be innocent. A victim of a vicious, despicable attack from a source (Breitbart) notorious for scummy lies.  I shored up my otherwise evidence-free opinion with the thought, “no one could be so  stupid as to send out intimate photos of himself, under his own name, to women he knows only as an email address or a Twitter account.”

Naaaah. Nobody. Nobody is that stupid.

Not after all the stuff that has been exposed already with the other former congressman sending out bare-chested shots. Not after we almost lost a horn-dog president. Not after that French Guy spattered the maid’s uniform.

But they did.

And Wiener did.

So I was really really wrong when I said in my previous post that it was a failed “attempted political assassination.”

It was more like a successful assisted political suicide.

Too bad Jack Kevorkian died in the midst of all the hoo-hah. He would have admired the bloodless, if not painless, way it was done.




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