“Dr.” Terry Jones is an Asshole

If you find his name familiar but can’t quite recall why . . . he’s the Florida-based, right wing, crazy, fundamentalist Christian of the snake-handling variety who threatened to burn a Koran in protest of the plans for a Mosque in Manhattan.

He gave up that idea after someone offered him a new car to shut up.

He has a mailing list. I signed up for it so I could monitor his evolving  insanity stupidity. Man, did that pay off big time just a few hours ago.

Here’s the text of a message that arrived as I was sipping my morning coffee.

July 22, 2011

Again, Islam has shown its face of violence.  We condemn the actions that have taken place in Norway.  This is further proof that we must stand up against radical Islam and send them a very clear message that we will not be intimidated.  We will not back down from our goal of defeating terrorism.  As long as we have a weak administration that bows to and appeases Islam, there will be no stopping terrorism. 

Let us unite together and stop this reign of Islamic terror.

– Dr. Terry Jones
Jones’s mental and intellectual corruption has been exposed by Norwegian authorities announcement that the man responsible for the unspeakable acts that include the cold-hearted hunting down and shooting of more than 90 innocent children, is a Christian . . . another fucking right-wing fundamental CHRISTIAN who is as much of a Muslim-hater as Jonesy.

So that is how we stop Muslim terror, huh? Replace it with Christian child-murder?

Jones has a jones about Muslims. He hates them so blindly, so totally, so knee-jerky that I am convinced he is one.  Like secret pedophiles are the most voracious crusaders against Playboy Magazine.  Like politicians whining against Social Security and Medicare taking care of the old and sick can be found drinking $350 bottles of wine. Like Trujillo used rice powder in public to hide his 1/2 Haitian blood.

The remaining problem I have with this morning’s rant is it has come too soon. Jones will lie low for another 6 or 7 weeks until September 11th, by which his lunatic supporters will have forgotten or rationalized away today’s stupidity. He’ll be back on his red-neck cracker barrel just in time.

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1 comment for ““Dr.” Terry Jones is an Asshole

  1. Emily Littela
    July 23, 2011 at 4:40 pm

    FootNote: Terry Jones reported this afternoon that a black SUV ran over his leg and foot. According to his version of the story, he was sitting at a stop sign, on his motorcycle, when an SUV that had been following him, came up alongside, stopped very close and then ran over his leg and foot.

    I swear to Gaia, I did not make up that report; which is more than Jones can swear.

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